OpenMOLE 5: Script Editor and Market Place

OpenMOLE 5 – aka Loving Lobster – has just been released. A lot has happend since OpenMOLE 4! The most visible improvements of this version are the script editor and the market place. The editor is a graphical application which displays in your browser from which you can write and run workflows. In this graphical environment you will find the market place. It is a collaborative place, where real world workflow examples are exposed and available for anyone to reuse. Many enhancements have also taken place under the hood in term of performance and scalability and the documentation has been greatly improved. Discover all these novelties on the OpenMOLE website.

If you have some working workflows please propose them for inclusion in the market place repository.

We will give a training on how to use this version the 1th October at the CS-DC conference and later in October at the complex system institute. We will announce the date very shortly.