CRI Paris Research Fellows call: Open Synthetic/Systems biology, AI, and more

CRI Research opens group leader positions to join our Collaborary.

We seek candidates at different career stages, from postdoctoral young investigators to tenured scientists. We particularly call for candidates with interest in:

  • Open synthetic and systems biology – from foundational understanding of living systems to open biotech and open pharma and health solutions.

  • Open AI – Understanding and shaping current digital transition in context of learning, health and/or coevolution of intelligences (human & machine, individuals and collectives)

Other candidacies, focusing on other focal points of the CRI: Open health from data-rich research to development of frugal software and hardware solutions, Open learning – from understanding learning process to new learning paradigms, Open phronesis – tackling contemporary ethical challenges at interfaces of Life, Digital and Learning Sciences, will be considered as well.

We are looking for scientists seeking a home to expand their research focus or jump start a new research program within the premise of CRI research priorities either as Core fellows (5 years) or Long-term fellows (1-3 years). In addition, Core fellows are expected to contribute as pillars and mentors of the CRI Research community, and are required to hold a permanent position in France.  Additionally, we draw your attention to the year-long open call for short-term fellows (3-6 months), see further details here.

Anyone capable of carrying an autonomous research project, from young PhD graduates to established researchers (including sabbaticals) is eligible to apply to become a CRI Research Fellow.  We expect a gradual recruitment build-up to reach a 60-70 strong cohort within our dedicated building at the historical heart of Paris (the Marais) that will open its doors during the summer 2018. This 6500m2 building will include state-of-the-art wet lab space, makerspace, pedagogic facilities and studio apartments for students and young researchers. Fellows are eligible for research support funding. We strongly encourage applications from researchers with independent funding, including grants, sabbatical allowances, and temporary detachment from permanent positions. A limited number of salary stipends are available.

The 2nd fellows calls are now open (deadline: April 15th) and will be renewed biannually.  

The open calls can be accessed here.
Feel free to share and to contact us for any additional info