Postdoc Position in Electrical Engineering

Investigation and modeling of the uncertainty in power grids and of its impacts on the information and energy exchange between smart building and smart grids

The Engineering School HEI of Yncréa Hauts de France is seeking highly motivated candidates for an 18 months full-time postdoc position in the research group Electric Networks–Smart Transports of HEI, Yncréa Hauts de France, as well as in the group Réseaux of the Laboratoire d’Electrotechnique et d’Electronique de Puissance (L2EP) of Lille in France. The research work is related to a R&D project centered on the integration of smart buildings as nodes of smart power grids (SBnodeSG), a project
supported by the Métropole Européenne of Lille and 10 industrial partners. Yncréa Haut de France is a private higher educational institution recognized by French government.

As a member of the CGE (Conference of Grandes Ecoles in France), and one of the European leaders in engineer training, composed of three engineering schools in Lille : HEI (Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur), ISA (Institut Supérieur d’Agriculture) and ISEN (Institut Supérieur d’Electronique et du Numérique), about 4000 students, 400 permanent staff and 40 majors of engineer training. HEI was created in 1885 and has 14 domains of engineering education and research including civil engineering,
computer technology, mechanics, energy, power grids, innovative materials, smart-cities, medical engineering, automation and so on.


About the project and duties

The post-doctoral project is a part of a research project relative to smart building and smart grids, with the objective to study the influence of uncertainty, coming from energy production, consumption and information transmitted, on the functioning of power grids, to search for methods, tools and models of connection and of management of the connection between smart building and global network of different levels, and to increase security, reliability, robustness and efficiency of energy exchange and
distribution. The main tasks are the following:

  • Empirical study of the uncertainties in different type of buildings as well as in power grids of different scales relative to electrical production and consumption.
  • Investigation of the methodology for the modeling of different types of uncertainty in a building and of its connection to the network.
  • Extension of the above methodology study to power grids of distribution composed of buildings and other elements as nodes.
  • Modeling of the uncertainty propagation through the nodes and the network (smart grid) and investigation of the methods and tools which ensure the reliability and efficiency of connection and energy/information exchange in uncertain environment.

Expected knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

The successful Postdoctoral candidate should have a PhD in physics of complex systems or electrical
engineering with solid knowledge in modeling of networks and in the following domains relative to
the project

  • Power grids
  • Probability and statistics
  • Propagation and statistical modeling of uncertainty

Contact for further information

Prof. Alexandre WANG, Yncréa Hauts de France (
Prof. Christophe Saudemont, in charge of the research team Réseaux Electriques-Transports
Intelligents of HEI, Yncréa Hauts de France (


The position is available from October 2018.
The candidate should send his application letter, with CV, list of publications, abstract of his PhD
thesis with the rapport of the jury of the defense, by email to