Post-doctoral fellowship: modPost-modeling gene regulation networks in multi-cellular systems during seed maturation

Annonce de notre partenaire INRA

The LabEx SPS Saclay Plant Sciences is seeking highly motivated and talented candidates to join a project on the modeling of gene regulation networks during seed maturation.

Seed maturation is a key developmental phase during which seeds accumulate storage products and progressively acquire resistance to dessication. This phase is controlled by a few master genes (including the “LAFL” genes LEC1, ABI3, FUS3, and LEC2) that exhibit specific spatio-temporal expression patterns at the tissue scale. Our objective is to develop a computational modeling approach to decipher the determinants and regulations underlying these patterns. Based on bibliographical, transcriptomic, and imaging data already available on wild-type and mutant genotypes in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, the project is to design, implement and analyze computational models of the master gene regulation network in a multi-cellular framework.

The selected candidate will join the Modeling and Digital Imaging team and will work in collaboration with the Development and Seed Quality team at the Institut Jean-Pierre Bourgin (IJPB ; IJPB, one of the largest research centers in Plant Sciences in Europe, gathers a unique ensemble of experimental resources and pluridisciplinary expertise in biology, chemistry and modeling. IJPB is located near Paris in the INRA VersaillesGrignon research center, next to the gardens of the Royal Palace of Versailles.

The candidates should have a strong background and expertise in computational biology and/or applied mathematics, with a PhD or equivalent, and a real motivation or experience for working in a multi-disciplinary context. Experience in the computational modeling of GRN and/or multi-cellular morphogenetic models would be much appreciated.

The contract duration is 18 months and is expected to start as soon as possible. The net salary will depend on professional experience.

Keywords : Transcriptional regulation, GRN modeling, network inference and analysis, multicellular systems, seed maturation.

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Philippe Andrey (
Bertrand Dubreucq (