Internship : data mining, analysis and visualisation – CRI-Paris

Internship in the group of Dr. Marc Santolini

The lab of Marc Santolini, long-term research fellow at the CRI is
looking for interns to work on data mining, analysis and visualisation in projects at the intersection of Network Science, Science of Science, Computational Social Science and Social Network Analysis. Relevant projects can be found at , sections “The social network of learners”, “The rise and fall of scientific fields” and “Large scale analysis of team success in the iGEM competition”.

Duration : 3 months or longer

Skills :
– experience with working on large data sets
– proficient in R (preferably) or Python (Pandas library) – statistical testing
– experience with javascript (in particular d3.js)
– enjoy working in a team environment

Relevant background :
– physics
– computer science
– computational social sciences – data science

Contact: Interested candidates should submit an application consisting of (i) a current CV with previous internships, courses taken, programming skills highlighted and (ii) a brief statement of research experience and interests (1 page) to: . Do not hesitate to contact for further questions as well!