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Offres de stage : Analyse Topologique de Données – Sorbonne Université

Le Lip6 Recherche activement un(e) étudiant(e) (voire deux) ayant un intérêt pour l’Analyse Topologique de Données pour un stage de 6 mois niveau master 2 ou fin d’école d’ingénieurs, dans l’optique d’une continuation en thèse.

Les algorithmes conçus pendant le stage seront implémentés en C++ au sein de la bibliothèque open-source “Topology ToolKit” ( que nous développons avec nos collaborateurs.

Date de démarrage souhaitée: 1er Avril 2020.
Lieu du stage: Sorbonne Université, Paris (métro Jussieu)


Total SA is a French Oil & Gas company whose activity is shared between upstream (exploration and hydrocarbon extraction) and downstream aspects (production and sell of gasoline, lubricants etc). For hydrocarbon extraction, a whole field study methodology is used in order to maximize the quantity of recovered oil and gas. This methodology requires the design of a structural model of the underground, see for instance Figure 1. It is composed of horizons, corresponding to iso-time sediment deposition, and faults representing breaking events in the strati-graphic layers.


Ideally, we would like to organize this project into a master-2 level internship followed, in case of success, by a Ph.D. thesis. Note that the master-2 level internship is not a requirement and that candidates already holding a master-2 degree are invited to apply directly to the Ph.D. thesis.


This PhD will be co-supervised by Julien Tierny and Melanie Plainchault, ´ who already cosupervised a Ph.D. thesis previously, on topological methods for material sciences. It will be a CIFRE doctoral program promoting research collaboration between universities and companies, . Research time will be shared between the computer science department (LIP6) of Sorbonne University (downtown Paris – Jussieu subway station – France) and Total (Pau, France) in order to take benefit from both the academic environment and the feedback from end users, i.e. geoscientists. The balance between academic and company time is adjustable and will be decided in collaboration with the student. The internship will take place at Sorbonne University, with possible visits to Total. Travels to visit the California-based Total team producing the probability fields at Google may need to be considered. This work will lead to publications and participations to international conferences (such as IEEE VIS). Most of the developed code will be released opensource in TTK library.

Les sujets détaillés sont disponibles ci-dessous:

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Si vous êtes déjà titulaire d’un master (ou équivalent) et que vous êtes intéressé(e) par une thèse en lien avec ces sujets, merci de nous envoyer votre lettre de candidature accompagnée d’un CV à jour.