Duration : 3h

Gargantext is a free software designed to make living maps that evolve as you work with them in a collaborative way.

Its maps can be used to build a state of the art, describe a set of documents, set up a collective representation of a problem, etc.

The map is not the final objective but an intermediate step which is conceived as a support to create an adaptive representation of a question or a problem by allowing back and forth between the different levels of your corpora (document, terms , maps, etc.).

Goal of the workshop:
– Discover the steps of text mining analysis
– Build a corpus (set of documents) from databases
– Perform a literature review by mapping a corpus and analyze the word networks

Content of the training (3H):
– Broad introduction to text searching
– Presentation of databases
– Basic interface manipulations
– Advanced use (depending on the time remaining): How to improve maps

Level of Complexity:
Beginners with basic knowledge of IT tools.