Title: Investigate the role of noise and of synaptic plasticity for encoding information in spiking neuronal networks

Short Description: The project investigates the complex behaviour of a network of spiking neurons connected together. We plan to study the cooperation between the irregular activity of single cells (balanced networks) and spike time dependent plasticity (STDP), a biologically inspired learning rule for neural systems.

Duration & Funding: The expected duration is up to six months, the stage is paid around 560 euros per month.

Requirements for the students: Good knowledge of programmation (C or C++ (preferred) or Fortran or Python) with application to Statistical mechanics and Dynamical systems – Master M2 in Mathematics or Physics.

Location: Laboratoire Physique Théorique et Modélisation (LPTM) CY Cergy Paris University, Cergy-Pontoise (FR)

Contact :

– Matteo di Volo matteo.di-volo@u-cergy.fr
– Alessandro Torcini alessandro.torcini@u-cergy.f