An inter-institutional organization, 

ISC-PIF is a unit of the National Center for Scientific Research (UPS3611), one of the largest and most prestigious french research organizations. It prides itself on the partnerships it has established with more than a dozen other Universities and french research organizations, as well as with the city of Paris and the Ile-de-France Paris region. This latter has granted ISC-PIF the label of a major research area institution (Domaine d’Intérêt Majeur DIM) since 2006.

Interface between disciplines,

At the threshold between disciplines, ISC-PIF serves as an intellectual interface between research organizations and higher education institutions. The Complex Systems Institute of Paris (ISC-PIF) is a place dedicated to the development of innovative and interdisciplinary research on complex systems at the crossroad between high performance computing and Big Data. It catalyzes, since 2005, the emergence of common and interdisciplinary practices, facilitating access to skills, work areas and pooled research resources. The residents of ISC-PIF, who are staff members and students employed by the institute or by a partner institution, work on projects that are hosted on-site. They are the first contributors to the activities and dynamism of ISC-PIF and the primary pillar to the thriving intellectual scene the institute seeks to shape.

Serving innovation and the common good,

The activities of ISC-PIF are conducted and supervised by our team that is composed of highly qualified scientists affiliated with higher education institutions and a support staff dedicated to facilitating the researcher’s initiatives through communication, resource-sharing event organization, development and transnational activities. Our institution also interacts with the general public who can attend seminars and training sessions. Members of partner institutions can book a room at ISC for an event, access the “co-working” spaces and pooled resources platforms, hence increasing visibility in development and transnational activities.

Institut des Systèmes Complexes
Paris Ile-de-France
113 rue Nationale Paris 13

Open Monday – Friday
9.30am – 6.30pm

Join the ISC-PIF to…

Grow your project

Science incubator. ISC-PIF supports investigators whether upstream by playing a role of facilitator, or downstream by hosting research teams and giving access to pooled resources.

Pool your ressources

Information Technology Services. Understanding complex systems requires specific tools. ISC-PIF offers several ways to lower the technological barriers toward accessing these resources.

Share your work

Mix your ideas. As a research institute, it is our role to help researchers t promote and share their work with their peers and the general audience through the ISC-PIF website, social media and events.