Call for Participation - Complexity and the City

The 13th SICC international tutorial workshop "Topics in Nonlinear Dynamics" will be held at the  Politecnico di Torino, 29-30 October 2018. This year, the focus is on  the fascinating theme of "Complexity and the city".

Ouverture de résidences "exploratoires" à l'ISC-PIF

Vous êtes un.e jeune doctorants.e ou post-doctorant.e  et vous…

Appel à contributions : Revue Implications Philosophiques

La revue Implications Philosophiques lance un appel à contribution sur « la philosophie et le numérique ». Qu’est-ce en effet que le numérique ? Il n’est plus d’objet que cet adjectif ou ce substantif ne puissent qualifier. Car tout peut être numérisé et ce « tout numérique » se présente parfois comme l’avenir de l’humanité. Mais les raisons et les modalités de la conversion à laquelle il nous invite méritent d’être interrogées d’un point de vue philosophique.

Appel à contributions - Systèmes d’Information et Humanités Numériques

Numéro Spécial: Systèmes d’Information et Humanités Numériques …

Call for contributions - AMLTA2019

We welcome your participation and contribution to the 4th International Conference on Advanced Machine Learning Technologies and Applications AMLTA2019 which will be held in Cairo, Egypt, March 28-30, 2019.

Call for contribution - 7th Int. Conference on Complex Networks & Their Applications

The International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications aims at bringing together researchers from different scientific communities working on areas related to complex networks. Two types of contributions are welcome: theoretical developments arising from practical problems, and case studies where methodologies are applied. Both contributions are aimed at stimulating the interaction between theoreticians and practitioners.

Appel à projet Post-doctoral INSHS en résidence à l’ISC-PIF

Dans le cadre de l’appel à candidature pour trois Post-Doc en SHS financés par l’INSHS, l’Institut des Systèmes Complexes de Paris Ile-de-France invite les potentiels candidats à monter un projet en résidence.

Call for papers: Community Structure in Networks

A new article collection dedicated to the cutting edge research advances on community structures in networks, in order to provide a landscape of research progresses and application potentials in related areas, is now open for submissions. 

Call for Papers : New methods and epistemologies to explore simulation models

The study of complexity can not be anymore dissociated from intensive computational practices. Modeling and simulation have indeed taken a crucial role in the extraction of knowledge, especially in the study of systems with a high complexity such as socio-technical systems. Quantitative geography is a perfect illustration of how methodological, technical, empirical and theoretical advances necessarily strongly bind together: the use of computation centers in the seventies would be comparable to the current democrati- zation of grid computing which impact dramatically changes the way social science is practiced. The aim of this symposium is take a reflexive positioning on these trends, situate them regarding similar practices, and establish the most crucial future issues to be tackled within that stream of research.

Call for Papers - LDAV 2018 : Large Data Analysis and Visualization

The 8th IEEE Large Scale Data Analysis and Visualization (LDAV) symposium, to be held in conjunction with IEEE VIS 2018, is specifically targeting methodological innovation, algorithmic foundations, and possible end-to-end solutions. The LDAV symposium will bring together domain experts, data analysts, visualization researchers, and users to foster common ground for solving both near- and long-term problems.