Organize an event

  • Scientists from ISC-PIF partner institutions can organize events related to complex systems or team meetings in one of our seminar rooms.
  • Scholars who are not affiliated to one of our partners may as well get in touch to organize an event or propose a cycle of conference. Please get in touch at : contactcom (at)
franck dot leclercq at iscpif dot fr

Hi! Feel free to contact me if you have any question about room logistics for your event: booking, supplies, technical assistance etc. I’d be glad to help!

franck dot leclercq at iscpif dot fr

Seminar rooms

Seminar room 1.1 : 49 people capacity.
Meeting room 1.2 : 10-12 people capacity.

The seminar room and the meeting room can be turned into one big 120m² room . In that case, please book room 1.1 and 1.2.

Please note that if the number of total participants to your event exceeds 40 people (up to 60 people max) you will have to require the services of a security officer.


  • Free wifi
  • Beamer
  • White board
  • Tableau blanc
  • Vidéo streaming services
  • Kitchen with tea pot and coffee machine in 1.1

Please make sure you bring your own food and drinks.
Please note that the organizer of the event is responsible for the cleaning.

Book a room!

Step 1: check room availability

Room availability at ISC-PIF
113 rue Nationale, Paris 13

Step 2: book a room!

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  • In the reservation form, please indicate which room you would like to reserve through the category field.
  • Informations concerning rue Nationale : room 1 can host up to 45 people, and room 2 can host up to 12 people. You can reserve both by selecting the two categories on the form. However, please contact us for attendance in the range 50-70,  (you will have to hire a security guard with SIAP skill)
  • Information about your event will be visible in the calendar and in various pages of our website after moderation.



Our event manager is here to help you promote your event : creation of a page on our website, registration management, conception of program, poster ad leaflets, event announcement on our monthly newsletter, home page and Twitter.

Contact: margaux.calon at


Tea and coffee machine are free to use on site, but you must bring your own coffee, tea, biscuits… If you need a caterer or have questions about nearby restaurants, please feel free to ask.


Our event technician is here to help you with the logistics : building access, room, whiteboard, computer, beamer…

Contact: franck.leclercq at