How can I get an account on http://gargantext.org ?

Answer: subscribe to this open platforms at ISC-PIF / CNRS. 

How can I learn to optimally use Gargantext ?

We organize free training sessions about every trimester at the Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France (ISC-PIF) in Paris. To have an on site formation, please contact us : contact at gargantext org.

How can I contribute ?

You can feedback on your gargantext usage

You can report issues. Before that, please refresh the page, it solves the bugs in 99% of the cases.

You can contribute to the project

Which languages are currently supported by Gargantext ?

Answer 1: English and French languages are implemented

Answer 2: Others languages can be implemented if you ask, contact us.

Is Gargantext an open software ?

  • Answer 1: Gargantext is a FREE software which is rather different (and not FREE as a FREE water)
  • Answer 2: Get the Code source