13-November is a trans-disciplinary research programme that will run for 12 years.

Its objective is to study the construction and evolution of memory after the attacks of 13 November 2015, while considering the articulation between individual and collective memory.


Mediators, investigators and researchers will collect and analyse the testimonies of a group of 1000 volunteers during four filmed interview campaigns spread over 10 years. The same people will be interviewed four times.

These individual testimonies will be put into perspective with the traces of the collective memory as it has been built up over the years: television and radio news, press articles, reactions on social networks, texts and images of the commemorations…

In addition, to understand the effects of traumatic events on brain structure and function, researchers will study neurobiological markers of trauma resilience in a subgroup of 180 people.


Memory is an essential element in the construction of both individual and collective identity. In this sense, the memory of the attacks of 13 November participates and will participate in shaping tomorrow’s society. It is the role of scientific research to analyse these phenomena to enable us to better understand and apprehend them.

It is also a question of preserving and transmitting the memory of the attacks of 13 November. This is a form of commitment on the part of the scientific community towards the citizens.

Key dates

A Trans-disciplinary Programme

Trans-disciplinarity is essential for understanding the complexity and importance of memory at the individual and collective levels and its changes in a society with amplified means of communication. The ambition of this project is to build together common research objects, with researchers from ten different disciplines.

  • Equipe

    Denis PESCHANSKI, historien
    DR CNRS, Centre d’histoire sociale du 20e siècle, Université Paris 1 et CNRS

    Francis EUSTACHE, neuropsychologue
    DE EPHE, Unité de recherche 1077, INSERM-EPHE-Université de Caen Normandie, et GIP Cyceron, Caen