Complex System Community Explorer

The Complex System Community Explorer is designed to provide a multi-level insight of the complex systems community : map the network of scholars that share interest with you, see how the field evolves, get an idea of sub-communities, find a job or find experts. The community network is based on the TinawebJS software, also developed at ISC-PIF.

About the graphs

– Data are taken from the complex systems directory. This directory is maintained by several complex systems organisations coordinated by ISC-PIF in coordination of the Complex Systems Society.
– The strengh of links between between scholars (when exist) vary according to their shared keywords and reflect the strength of their semantic proximity.
– The strengh of links between keywords (when exist) vary according to the number of scholars that mention them in their profile.
– Scholars that have posted a job offer are highlighted in blue, keywords on which there is a job offer are highlighted in red.

  • TEAM

    David Chavalarias, CNRS researcher, PI

    Samuel Castillo, CNRS engineer, contributor

    Romain Loth, CNRS engineer, contributor