José Segovia Martín

Chercheur Post-Doctoral ISC-PIF

I am interested in the relationship between cognition and society. I work in the domains of cultural evolution, collective behavior, social learning and communication. In particular, I investigate how the interaction between individuals’ cognition and social structures affects the emergence of collective patterns of behavior. Some of my current projects involve social network connectivity effects on the dissemination of cultural variants, cognitive biases influences on the emergence of cultural conventions, research on the underlying mechanisms of cultural change and cultural diversity, the co-evolution of institutions and value systems, and the evolution of language. My research uses both computer modelling and experiments in the lab.

I am currently a CNRS postdoc researcher at Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France (ISC-PIF). Previously, I completed my PhD in Cognitive Science and Language at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. During my PhD I obtained relevant training in cultural evolutionary methods: a significant part of my research was developed during researchs visits to the Centre for Language Evolution (University of Edinburgh) and the Laland Lab (University of St.Andrews).

I hold a MSc in Science of Language, a Licenciatura in Biology, a Licenciatura in Linguisitcs and a Diploma in Economics. I also hold a teaching position in general science at Fundación Estudio since 2011.


Segovia-Martín, J., Walker, B., Fay, N., & Tamariz, M. (2020). Network connectivity dynamics, cognitive biases and the evolution of cultural diversity in round-robin interactive micro-societies.Cognitive Science

Segovia-Martín, J., & Tamariz, M. (2020). Testing early and late connectivity dynamics in the lab: an experiment using 4-agent micro-societies.PsyArXiv

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Segovia Martin, J & Tamariz, M. (2020). The co-evolution of value systems and political institutions: a micro-scale model of dissemination of culture [abstract]. Accepted for a talk at EVOLANG XIII. 14-17 April. Brussels (Belgium) Download the pdf

Segovia Martin, J & Tamariz, M. (2019). Hegemony and homogeneity accelerate the extinction of cultural traits in biased populations [abstract]. Presented at the Culture Conference 2019. July 1-2. Stirling (United Kingdom) Download the pdf

Segovia Martin, J & Tamariz, M. (2019). Bursts of rapid change in the adaptiveness of the cultural system may be partly explained by the connectivity dynamic [abstract]. Presented at the 14th Annual conference European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association (EHBEA). April 23-26. Toulouse (France) Download the pdf

Segovia Martín, J., Walker, B., Fay, N., & Tamariz, M. (2019, Feb). Network connectivity dynamics affect the evolution of culturally transmitted variants. arXiv e-prints, arXiv:1902.06598 Download the pdf

Segovia Martín, J. (2019). Great minds don’t always think alike: modelling the effect of variant quality on language evolution [abstract]. Presented at the International Conference on Explanation and Prediction in Linguistics: Formalist and Functionalist Approaches (CEP2019); Feb 13-14. Heidelbergh (Germany), (pp. 20). Download the pdf

Segovia Martin, J & Tamariz, M. (2018). The cultural evolution of communicative conventions: interactions between population connectivity dynamics and cognitive biases. In Cuskley, C., Flaherty, M., Little, H., McCrohon, L., Ravignani, A. & Verhoef, T. (Eds.): The Evolution of Language: Proceedings of the 12th International Conference (EVOLANGXII). Download the pdf

Segovia Martín, J. (2018). Percepción del lenguaje político en Twitter. Revista Española de Lingüística Aplicada/Spanish Journal of Applied Linguistics, 31(1), 282-308. Download the pdf


jose.segovia (at)


113 rue Nationale
75013, Paris