Mapping Risk Research

The 2014 map has been built from an analysis of thousands of academic papers metadata dealing with risk issues. The use of about 5000 terms related to risk have been analysed in the recent risk litterature in order to identifiy the different sub-domains of the research on risk an their most important issues. This map allows you to see at a glance 50.000 relations between terms related to risk.

The current map is a work in progress. It is available at 3 different resolutions : 1000, 3000 and 5000 terms. The biggest maps might take time to load depending on your connexion. Please feel free to suggest new terms to be added to the final map.

Map Makers :
– David Chavalarias, CNRS-CAMS/ISC-PIF, Principal investigator and maps of science,
– Samuel Castillo, CNRS-ISC-PIF, interactive visualizations and front end,
– Maziyar Panahi, CNRS/ISC-PIF, big data processing and back-end.

Axa Research Fund :
We kindly thanks for their collaboration:
– Michela MORI, Research Officer, AXA Research Fund
– Raphaël GUSDORF, GIE AXA – AXA Research Fund

SigmaJS for the javascript network rendering,
– Gargantext and Cortext for text-mining and exploration of first maps,
– Gephi for editing the maps.