TINA – Digital Humanities

TINA is a research group gathering researchers and engineers from various higher education and research institutions which relies on the ISC-PIF infrastructures to seize the new opportunities in digital humanities for the reconstruction and modeling of social systems dynamics.

Infrastructures supporting TINA projects :

  • Gargantext: interactive mapping of science
  • Climate Change: a set of tools to better understand climate change issues
  • Multivac: A new approach to Open Data for scientific community,
  • Community explorer: explore the complex systems community, map your scientific landscape.

Current members

  • Samuel Castillo, PhD CNRS/LIP6
  • David Chavalarias, CNRS researcher
  • Jean-Philippe Cointet, INRA researcher
  • Alexandre Delanöe, Post-Doc CNRS
  • David Fourquet, PhD
  • Noé Gaumont, CNRS-EHESS, Post-Doc, Algodiv Project
  • Jean-Baptiste Leenart, freestyle developper
  • Maziyar Panahi, CNRS engineer
  • Camille Roth, CNRS Researcher


Press releases

Press releases

pourlascience Pour la Science, Le Tweetoscope Climatique, Jan. 2016

journacnrs Le Journal du CNRS, Twitter, le climat et la recherche, Nov 2015

lemondesciencesLe Monde, L’histoire des sciences dévoilée par les maths, Feb. 21 2013.

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