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Science incubator residencies

Call for applications

The Institut des Systèmes Complexes de Paris Ile-de-France and its partners are launching a residency program to host researchers from the following partner institutions : CNRSCEA, EHESSEPHE,ESPCI, INRAINSERMInstitut Curie, Institut Mines-Télécom, IGN, IRSTEA, MNHNUniv. de Cergy-PontoiseUniv. Paris Diderot,Université Paris I,  Univ. Pierre et Marie Curie).

Based on the infrastructure and equipments available at ISC-PIF (computing and simulation equipments, Big Data, Digital Humanities infrastructure, collaborative platforms etc.) these residencies aim at helping researchers working in complex systems sciences to explore new research topics or host their reserach team for a specific short-term project.

The applications to join ISC-PIF’s project incubator are submitted to the steering committee for approval.

Residencies offer

  • Research group residency : A research team with fundings (ANR, ERC, etc.) can apply for a residency between one month up to 4 years. For this type of residency, the research group’s institutions
    shall pay for the accommodation expenses of its team members : 3000€/year/resarcher. With the approval of ISC-PIF,  the perspective of a residency could be mentioned in a funding application. (ANR, Europe, ERC, etc.) Our infrastructures and equipements usually ensure early project start-up wich can be a real asset in the funding request.
  • Exploratory residency : The exploratory residencies give researchers the possibility to benefit from the interdisciplinarty and dynamic environment of the institute for a period of between one week and a year (renewable). This type of residency doesn’t require a fee, and can be part-time.
  • Artistic residency : Artists with an art and science project in connection with the topics and/or technologies developed at ISC-PIF are warmly invited to apply for a residency for a period of between one week and a year (renewable).
  • International researcher residency : The international researcher residencies give researchers traveling to France for a sabbatical or to visit research partners the possibility to benefit from the interdisciplinary and dynamic environment of the institute for a period of between one week to 6 month. This type of residency doesn’t require a fee, and can be part-time.

Please note that the residents remain under the responsability of their laboratory director and sign their publications with their own institute as first affiliation.


Residents have access to all of our services

  • IT Services and support : HPC, Cloud and Grid computing, Text Mining, Git repository…
  • Trainings on complex systems modeling and analysis
  • Event management and conference room booking services
  • Communication services : blog, newsletter, community management…

Application Process

To be selected, the research projects must explore the themes, “main questions” and “main objects” defined by the complex system research community in the French roadmap for complex systems.

Your application will be submitted to the next ISC-PIF steering committee and you will receive an email notification regarding the outcome. If you do not receive any feedback 7 days after your online submission, please get in touch with contact at iscpif dot fr.