Post-doctoral fellowship: modPost-modeling gene regulation networks in multi-cellular systems during seed maturation

The LabEx SPS Saclay Plant Sciences is seeking highly motivated and talented candidates to join a project on the modeling of gene regulation networks during seed maturation.

Towards multi-scalar models for the co-evolution of transportation networks and territories

The intricate relations between transportation networks and territories, at multiples scales, has fed numerous open questions such as the potential existence of structuring effects of networks [Offner, 1993]. Juste Raimbault (ISC-PIF/CNRS) explored these interactions from the point of view of co-evolutive dynamics, aiming at modeling these.

Appel à contributions - Systèmes d’Information et Humanités Numériques

Numéro Spécial: Systèmes d’Information et Humanités Numériques …


MARAMI 2019 : Modèles & Analyse des Réseaux: Approches Mathématiques & Informatiques

MARAMI is a forum where synergies are developed and where expertise and experiences of various communities are shared.