Lobbé, Q., Delanoë, A., Chavalarias, D., 2021. Exploring, browsing and interacting with multi-level and multi-scale dynamics of knowledge. Information Visualization 14738716211044828. https://doi.org/10.1177/14738716211044829

The ICT revolution has given birth to a world of digital traces. A wide number of knowledge-driven domains like science are daily fueled by unlimited flows of textual contents. In order to navigate across these growing constellations of words, interdisciplinary innovations are emerging at the crossroad between social and computational sciences. In particular, complex systems approaches make it now possible to reconstruct multi-level and multi-scale dynamics of knowledge by means of inheritance networks of elements of knowledge called phylomemies. In this article, we will introduce an endogenous way to visualize the multi-level and multi-scale properties of phylomemies. The resulting system will enrich a state-of-the-art tree like representation with the possibility to browse through the evolution of a corpus of documents at different level of observation, to interact with various scales of description, to reconstruct a hierarchical clustering of elements of knowledge and to navigate across complex semantic lineages. We will then formalize a generic macro-to-micro methodology of exploration and implement our system as a free software called the Memiescape. Our system will be illustrated by three use cases that will respectively reconstruct the scientific landscape of the top cited publications of the French CNRS, the evolution of the state of the art of knowledge dynamics visualization and the ongoing discovery process of Covid-19 vaccines.