Collective responsabilities


Running Projects

  • Epique (ANR, WP leader), Reconstruction of large scale Phylomemies
  • Forccast IDEFI project(FORmation par la Cartographie de Controverses à l’Analyse des Sciences et des Techniques), lab coordinator for partner CAMS/ISC-PIF. Leader : Sciences-Po
  • FuturICT 2.0 (ANR, WP Leader for ISC-PIF & CAMS), European Consortium, ICT and Society
  • Le Politoscope, contribution à l’exposition TERRA DATA,  Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, avril 2017 – janvier 2018

Collective Responsabilities

Past responsabilities

Past projects

  • Tools for INteractive Assessement of Projects Portfolio and visualization of Scientific Landscapes, (TINA) 2009-2011, SA, FP7. PI.
  • Webfluence (2009-2011): opinion dynamics in virtual arenas: topology, morphogenesis and diffusion.
  • ASSYST – Action for the Science of complex SYstems and socially intelligent icT, 2009-2012 FP7, WP leader.
  • PATTERN RESILIENCE, 2007-2010, WP leader. PATRES is a project supported by the New and Emerging Science and Technology programme of the sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission. It started on 1st February 2007 and continues for three years.
  • MOMA : Reconstruction of functionnal modules in biology from analysis of large scientific corpuses, winner of the ideas call 2007 of the Paris Ile-de-France Complex Systems Institute and Complex Systems National Networks [ Homepage of the project ]
  • MOUSSON Health, environment and pollution in Burkina Faso.

Past Collective Responsabilities

  • Vice-President Secretary of the Complex Systems Society, 2011-2014
  • Deputy-director of the Complex Systems Institute of Paris Ile-de-France (2011-2013)


  • Organizer of the ASSYST Roadmap workshop, jan. 28 2011.
  • Supervisor of the French and European complex systems roadmap (2009).
  • Complex Systems Brainstorming meeting,Paris 19-23 Sept. 2005, Comité local d’organisation.

Scientific events

Teaching and dissemination

PhD supervision

Victor Chomel, Fake news and information manipulation: modeling community dynamics and the propagation of false information (images, video, text…) on social networks (2019-2022)


As CNRS researcher, I don’t have mandatory courses. I give courses from time to time in masters or summer schools. Here are some examples :

  • Responsable du module Action Publique et Big Data, Master ENPC “Action Publique”
  • EHESS Seminar : Cognition sociale et évolution culturelle : quels modèles, quelles données
  • Course on visualisation and big data, ENPC ParisTech, (2014 & 2015)
  • Sociology and Complex Systems Master Erasmus Mundus Complex Systems, École Polytechnique, Autumn 2012 (Responsable du module SHS)
  • Science Mapping, Escuela de verano Informatica : desafıos, herramientas y ciencia USM, Valparaiso, 11-13 jan. 2012
  • Tarde’s sociology and the modeling of social dynamics Master Erasmus Mundus Complex Systems, Ecole Polytechnique, Autumn 2011
  • Introduction to Complex Systems, Atelier thématique “IDEAS for Design, knowledge Engineering Applied to living complex Systems“, ISC-PIF 17 oct 2011.