Running projects

  • A research agenda on Digital Media & Human Well-Being, Coordinator of the European Tender (2021-2022) in collaboration with the Université Ca ‘Foscari de Venezia and the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Le Politoscope, projet ISC-PIF, 2016 –
  • Mapping Economics (Leader : Sciences-Po), 2019 – 2021, In collaboration with Paulo Serodio (Barcelona University) and Emmanuel Lazega (Sciences-Po Paris),
  • MOSCCOW, Projet 80 PRIME CNRS (2019-2022) In collaboration with avec Boris Borzic, ETIS – CY Cergy Paris Université. PhD : Victor Chomel.
  • X-Risk, Projet CNRS International, In collaboration with Luke Kemp (Cambridge, CSER, UK). PhD : Arsène Pierrot.
  • Gargantext, Multi-partner projet, Scientific Coordinator (2013 -).
  • Mapping Covid-19 Research, in collaboration with APHP and CRESS (Isabelle Boutron and Philippe Ravaud)

Softs and platforms

Online projects