Tinasoft – From corpora to maps (2009-2012)

Tinasoft is a software for interactive science mapping that goes from the raw texts to interactive maps. This project was supported by the FP7 project TINA – FP7-ICT-2009-C – project number 245412 (Oct 2009 – March 2011).

Tinasoft is no more maintained. It’s successor is Gargantext. The new version of Tinaweb is now Tinaweb JS.

Tinasoft has two complementary parts :


A web application to explore online or off line bipartite graph.

  • Immediate installation.
  • All platforms
  • customizable

The javascript version of Tinaweb can be used to visualize and explore any graph in gexf format with custom action that make the exploration easy. Tinaweb(JS) is now part of the Gargantext project.

Tinasoft desktop

A desktop application to text-mine corpora, build maps and explore the resulting networks.

  • Available on Linux (optimized for Ubuntu), Window  (64 & 32) and Mac.