Job Offer : Associate Professor in artificial intelligence / human system cooperation – IMT Atlantique

is recruiting an Associate Professor in artificial intelligence / human system cooperation
Brest campus
Start date: Autumn 2020

Key words: artificial intelligence, data science, decision aiding, human-system cooperation, human factors.

Administrative status: Associate Professor/Senior lecturer, civil servant of the French Ministry of Economy and Industry or seconded official.

Presentation of IMT Atlantique

IMT Atlantique, internationally recognized for the quality of its research, is a major Technological University under the Ministry of Industry and Digital Technology, ranked in the 3 main international rankings (THE, SHANGAI, QS).

On 3 campuses, Brest, Nantes and Rennes, IMT Atlantique aims to combine digital technologies and energy to transform society and industry through training, research and innovation. Its ambition is to be internationally the leading French higher education and research establishment in this field. With 290 permanent researchers and teachers, 1,000 publications and €18 million in contracts, it trains 2,300 students every year. Its training courses are based on cutting-edge research, within 6 mixed research units under its supervision: GEPEA, IRISA, LATIM, LABSTICC, LS2N and SUBATECH. 

Presentation of the scientific field

The Department of Logics of Uses, Social and Information Sciences (LUSSI) of IMT Atlantique is recruiting within its DECIDE team an associate professor specialized in the fields of artificial intelligence/human system cooperation.

The LUSSI Department is based on the Brest campus. It has about 65 staff members including 21 permanent lecturer-researchers. The department proposes a multidisciplinary approach to the digital and technological transitions of sociotechnical systems. It is part of the UMR CNRS 6285 Lab-STICC (more than 500 researchers in Brittany developing research “from sensors to knowledge”) through the DECIDE and IHSEV/INUIT research teams, which conduct research at the interfaces of data, information, decisions and interactions sciences. The LUSSI department also participates in the Western Laboratory of Economics and Management (LEGO), through research in human and social sciences (economics, sociology, marketing). Finally, the LUSSI department represents IMT Atlantique in the ATOL (Aeronautics Technico-Operational Laboratory), a joint research laboratory with Thales Defence Mission Systems and the Research Institute of Ecole Navale, which addresses the cognitive dimension in defence systems.

In this context, to integrate our teams

You should have strong skills in artificial intelligence (specifically if possible in data sciences and decision aiding) with a focus on human-systems cooperation.

You will carry out your research in relation with one or several themes developed within the LUSSI department and the DECIDE team in data and decision sciences and the IHSEV/INUIT team in interactive systems, and more specifically, if possible, in the processing of temporal data flows from, among others, complex networks (e.g. information systems, defence systems, health systems, energy and transport networks, etc.). The aim is to contribute to the integration of the results of the data mining process into a dynamic decision support system, in which humans play a central role. Thus, a dual competence in data mining / operational research would be a plus, as well as skills in explainable artificial intelligence (xAI).

For this position, you have a PhD or a recognized equivalent qualification, at least a first professional experience (post-doctorate, industrial R&D, …) and if possible an international experience.

Particular attention will be given to applications that can justify experience in one or more of the important application areas of IMT Atlantique (digital, defence, health, energy, environment and/or industry 4.0) or in relation to social sciences. In particular, you will contribute to issues related to the digital transition of socio-technical systems.

Within the department, you will carry out as a lecturer-researcher the main missions of training, research and promotion in academic and industrial environments, as well as internationally.

With your scientific skills, your experience in project management will enable you to develop and participate in collaborations with partners from the economic and academic world, at regional, national and international levels.

You will contribute to the development and influence of the school through high-level publications, contractual dynamics and an active contribution to the life of the university. 

Your significant experience in the design and supervision of teaching activities enables you to promote teaching by confronting learners with multidisciplinary problems. You are particularly interested in the competency-based approach, innovative pedagogical mechanisms, and the diversification of evaluation methods.

Your fluency in English allows you to teach in this language.

You will be able to contribute to teaching related to data science and decision support (e.g. Data Science and Big Data, Business Intelligence, Probability and Statistics, Algorithms, Operations Research and Optimization, Databases).

With a real dynamism, you know how to develop synergies and manage training and research projects in a multidisciplinary environment.

Aware of the stakes of sustainable development and social responsibility, you act in an ethical and responsible manner and have demonstrated that these dimensions are taken into account in the projects you have carried out.

The position is based on the Brest campus. Travel in France and abroad is to be expected.

In order to support your motivation, you will be asked to submit an integration project for all the proposed missions.

(for more information on the selection criteria, Please consult the job description of a lecturer-researcher – Associate Professor, on the IMT Atlantique website)

Required level of education and/or experience

  • PhD in the field of artificial intelligence (data science and decision support, human system cooperation, temporal data flows, explainable artificial intelligence -xAI-)
  • Civil servant belonging to a corps recruited through the École Polytechnique or ENA or former student of a École Normale Supérieure with professional experience > 3 years
  • Highly qualified company executive with professional experience > 8 years

An CNU qualification in section 27 (computer science) is not required but would be a plus.

Application form to be downloaded from, and sent by e-mail to the following address:

Position based on the Brest campus.

Travel in France and abroad is expected

Deadline for applications: March 31th, 2020

Date of Recruitment committee: June 05th, 2020