In order to support complex systems research, the ISC-PIF and its partners offer researchers the possibility of reserving the TOTEM auditorium for the organisation of scientific events on complex systems.

To benefit from this service, we invite you to fill in the form below with a description of your event. Requests are studied by our steering committee on a case-by-case basis (response time of 8 days maximum).

Please note that costs related to security (SIAP agent), control room, cloakroom and cleaning are at the expense of the organiser (between 500 and 900€ per day). For projects with funding difficulties, it is possible in some cases for us to provide some of these items, which can bring down the costs to around 300€ for 8 hours of use.

If your request is not accepted by the ISC-PIF steering committee, you have the possibility to contact the RIVP directly in order to book the auditorium under their conditions and price lists.

To cancel a reservation, please write to Mr. Franck Leclercq: franck.leclercq at


Demande de réservation auditorium 2021 - 2022
Indiquez le nom de l'organisme académique auquel vous êtes affilié / Indicate the name of the academic organization you are affiliated with
Heure de début / Start Hour *
Heure de fin / End Hour *
Quelques phrases sur la manifestation. S'assurer que le lien avec la recherche sur systèmes complexes est clair / One or two sentences about your event and its links to complex systems research.
Pour les événements de moins de 50 personnes, les réservations se font en salle de séminaire (1er étage, jusqu'à 49 pers.)
Mettre 2 à 5 mots clés caractérisant le thème de votre manifestation (ex : geography, social networks)

Maximum file size: 10.24MB

If you have a homepage, you can mention it here.

General Data Protection Regulation

The ISC-PIF processes the data collected for the management of auditorium reservations. To find out more about the management of your personal data and to exercise your rights, please visit our General Data Protection Regulation page.