Democracy in the age of big data and AI – Models and tools from computational social science

Date(s) - 16/09/2019
12:00 am

Univ of Venice

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Invited Speaker for the summerschool ‘Democracy in the age of big data and AI – Models and tools from computational social science.’

Keynote : Society through the social media lens : digital traces of political opinion dynamics and electoral propaganda, David Chavalarias (Institute for Complex Systems, Paris)

Abstract : By targeting political figures and their communities, we have collected during the nine months preceding the 2017 French presidential campaign more than 60M tweets produced by more than 2.4M accounts. We will demonstrate how we could, using these data as case study, accurately reconstruct the development of a presidential campaign and among others, analyze the circulation of fake news through the reconstructed political communities. We will also show how we could identify foreign disinformation campaign that took place during the few weeks preceding the elections.

The school brings together some of the leading people in Europe in the domain of computational social science and its application to understand opinion dynamics on social media and its impact on collective decision making. It will reflect on new forms to support democratic processes.

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