Reconstruction and monitoring of the scientific debates from digital traces : the cases of science and politics

Date(s) - 12/03/2018
4:30 pm


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Date: 12-13 March 2018
Location: Paris, OECD Conference Centre, room CC20

Invited talk

Workshop presentation : The digital transformation offers new tools for innovation policy analysis. With software developments and increased computing capacities, the possibility to systematically exploit textual information, as illustrated by the analysis of the OECD TIP working party reports that was conducted in the context of the TIP@50 event, has grown enormously. The types of data that can be usefully analysed to support STI policy are broad, ranging from official policy papers and evaluations, to administrative data held in  government databases, to social media. Such analysis can help identify emerging trends and monitor policy progress over time. However, while semantic analysis holds enormous promise, careful data preparation and exploitation are needed, otherwise results may be misleading. The objective of the workshop is to shed further light of the potential of semantic analysis, highlighting the caveats and challenges on the way. The workshop will also focus on the specific semantic analysis that was conducted of TIP documents.



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