Research Agenda on Digital Media and Well Being – Kick-off meeting

Date(s) - 27/05/2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am

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Lancement de l’initiative européen “Research Agenda for Digital Media and Human Well Being

Cet événément est ouvert au public, inscription sur la page de l’événement

Kick off meeting of the EU funded project Research Agenda for Digital Media and Human Well Being (DIGEING – EU funded project (May 2021 – Nov 2022) coordinated by the CNRS).

This event is open to all scholars and actors that aspire to have their researches funded by the EU, when they work at the interface between the study of Digital Media and the study of Human Well Being.

Expectation for this meeting

The goal of the DIGEING project is to define challenges and research paths that has to be EU funded for the interdisciplinary study of the relations between digital media and human well-being. A large spectrum of disciples is targeted from cognitive sciences, psychology and linguistics to sociology, law and economics ; from digital humanities and computational social sciences to mathematics, statistical physics and computer sciences.

This EU project provides the academic community a unique opportunity to define EU scientific priorities from the “bottom-up” for the next decade. They will feed future calls for projects.

The main output of this initiative will be a synthesis of the current understanding of the impact of digital media on human behaviour and a research agenda with challenges and recommendations for policy and future digital media design.

In this meeting you will learn :

  1. Which methodology will be used to build an academic community based agenda on Digital Media and Human Well Being for the EU in 2022,

  2. How you can be involved in the future 18 months to have your research questions integrated into this agenda. We target low time consuming / high impact inputs.