Event Management Support

Room Logisitcs :
Contact Franck Leclercq  (franck dot leclercq at iscpif dot fr) if you have any question about booking a room, supplies and technical assistance.

Event Communication :
Contact Margaux Calon (margaux dot calon at iscpif dot fr) if you need assistance with promoting your event via newsletter, mailing, and social media.

Event Planning Guide – Auditorium

2 month before

Set the details of your event

  • Set a Date
  • Come up with a title that is engaging and informative (Ex : CSPFF18 ins’t engaging, nor informative!)
  • Draft a short description explaining the goals and context of the event. It is very important to invite your speakers and fill the booking form at ISC-PIF

Set up a budget

Costs may include :

  • caterer
  • transports and hotels for your guests
  • prints
  • nametags
  • printing costs

Book the auditorium at ISC-PIF

Fill in this form to book the auditorium with ISC-PIF.

Contact potential speakers

When selecting your speakers, pay attention to the gender ratio.

Send a save the date

Send a save the date even if you don’t have a definitive program and speakers yet. At this stage, a title, a date and a description can be enough to let the members of your network know  that you are organizing an event that might interest them.

1 month before

Confirm speakers

  • send them a contact list and the venue details : 11 place Nationale, 75013, Paris – Métro Nationale/Olympiades
  • Book transports and hotel rooms if necessary. The average price for an hotel in the area is 70€.
  • Ask them to send you a precise title and description asap for the program, a picture and short bio for the event website.

Book a caterer

If your event last the whole day, you may want to book a caterer for meals and coffee breaks.

Coffee break : To buy coffee break supplies, you will find a carrefour and a Monoprix on the Boulevard Vincent Auriol, approximately 100m from ISC-PIF.

Administrative restaurant : 101 rue de Tolbiac,  à 11€ per meal-tray.

Caterer : Delieveries must be delivered to 11 place Nationale, ISC-PIF  between 9am and 4pm on weekdays. Please make sure to give us the details of your delivery beforehand.

Some caterers in Paris pay a particular attention to waste management, social insertion, local and bio products etc. Here are some of them :

Hire safety guard and fire protection agent

For security reasons, hiring a safety guard and a fire protection is compulsory.

Draft your event program

  • The most important speakers should present at end of the session
  • Gather the speakers according to a shared topic
  • Make sure to leave slots for coffee breaks

Create communication materials

Please make sure you include the ISC-PIF logo in your communication materials.

Promote your event

Our communication officer will be happy to promote your event through our website, mailings, newsletter and social media. Please get in touch with margaux.calon at icpif.fr

Manage registrations

For safety reasons, it is crucial that your audience register for your event. The list should be sent to franck dot leclercq at iscpif dot fr the day before the event.

2 weeks before

Send a reminder

Two weeks before the event is a good moment to remind the members of your networks that your event is closing up. Best hours for mailing impacts are 10am and 4pm. At all cost, do not send a mailing on fridays.

1 week before

Send a confirmation to participants

  • Confirm the venue address : 11 place Nationale, 75013, Paris
  • Send the updated program

Send confirmation to speakers

  • Speakers must send you their slides, than can be gathered on the website page. If they can’t send you  their slides on time, invite them to come early to check  that the computer is compatible with the beamer.
  • Send a permission to diffuse their work (webcast, social media, website etc.) This document shall be signed by the speaker and brought the day of the event.

3-1 days before

Gather materials

  • nametags with name institution and city/country
  • updated printed programs
  • relevant leaflets
  • water for the speaker – prefer jar and glasses over plastic bottles.
  • usb keys and hdmi cables for last minute emergencies
  • your business cards


Last preparations

  • Test the control room : lights, sound, beamer
  • Install the Buffet : the caterer should deliver coffee breaks and meals 30mn before the event and install them along the windowns in the hallway.
  • Greet the security guard and give him the list of the participants
  • Greet the fire safety agent
  • Put on the directions signs, wifi code signs and Twitter # for your event

Greet participants and speakers

  • Open the doors
  • Gather the last slides and upload them on the computer
  • Invite speakers to sit at the front
  • Remind the participants that it is forbidden to eat in the auditorium

After the event

  • Make sure that the heating/air conditioning system is off
  • Make sure that every device in the control room is off
  • When you leave, make sure that the doors are locked