Map list (definition)

The map list is the set of terms that Gargantext will use for its analytics. Elements of the map list constitute the label of the nodes in the Gargantext map view.

The map list is attached to an analysis. It is defined by Gargantext and the user. Terms in the map list appear in green in the term table and in the document view. Elements in the map list are two fold :

  • a label, that is used to label the nodes in the map
  • a set of associated terms, called ‘forms’, that are considered by the user or Gargantext as similar. Le label itself is a form. For exemple, below illustrate the label ‘co-citation analysis’ and its associated forms. Label and forms are editable in the terms table view.

label and its forms

For example, Gargantext automatically groups under the same label the singular and plural forms of a term. But you can also want to group terms like ‘children’ and ‘kids’. When computing the metrics on label in a map, Gargantext will consider all the terms within a group as equivalent.

You can import/export a map list in CSV format from any of your Gargantext project. It is recommended to save these exports for future reuse when you have spent some time on a map list.

Elements of map list in the terms table are colored in green


Elements of map list in the document view are highlighted in green

Snapshot of the document view. Add and remove terms from map list.

Snapshot of the document view. Add and remove terms from map list.

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