Discover what the web is saying about Climate Change

When the media or us talk about climate change, we mean temperatures, storms, droughts, cyclones, polar bears ; while the researchers talk about observations, circulation models, temperature anomalies …

But do the concerns of scientists sometime converge with those of the general public and media? This is what you can see thanks to climate Tweetoscope which offers interactive exploration of topics related to climate change and its consequences. Analyzing the news of the Web since May 2015, the Tweetoscope aims to provide an evolving collective representation of questions and debates on this major societal issue.

The Tweetoscope was created for the exhibition Le Climat à 360° at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie Museum (Paris, France).


David Chavalarias (CNRS/EHESS, ISC-PIF/CAMS), responsable scientifique, data-mining, analyse de réseaux & visualisations,

Maziyar Panahi (CNRS, ISC-PIF) : responsable de l’infrastructure Big Data, chef de projet Multivac,