The game of scientific discovery

“A scientist, whether a theorist or an experimenter, proposes a few assertions and tests them step by step.” Karl Popper, 1934.

What can we say about the factors that influence collective discovery processes, such as the development of our scientific knowledge? What is the role of social play in these dynamics? These questions are fundamental when it comes to coordinating research activities or choosing heuristics for one’s own research. However, they can only be addressed within the framework of an epistemology, i.e. an hypothesis about the nature of knowledge.

The Nobel game shows that Popper’s epistemology is well adapted to this kind of intuition and makes it possible to propose an operational framework for modelling the activity of a scientific community. An analysis of the properties of this framework with tools from mathematics and multi-agent modeling.

This online multiplayer game offers new possibilities to study, from an experimental point of view, the properties of a knowledge discovery process based on the principle of conjecture/refutation.


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The Nobel Game allows you to create games with different parameters and explore the properties of a system based on principles of conjecture and rebuttal.