Hi! If you’re interested in utilizing technology in your research but uncertain which service might be the best fit for your project, please get in touch. I’d be glad to help!
Maziyar Panahi, Sys admin and big data engineer.

maziyar dot panahi at iscpif dot fr

Information Technology Services

IaaS – Infrastructure as a service

We give researchers the possibility to host their projects on-site at ISCPIF. An advanced scalable methods will be used in near future :  IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service in private Cloud) is the new IT infrastructure investment at LAL which opens a door to a new self-managed private cloud provided by OpenStack.

Partners have their own project dashboard where they have access to on-demand IT resources. For instance, this infrastructure allows you to have a Linux-server up and running in less than a minute. The public IP address, resizing the CPU, memory and storage by your choice without any intermediate are some of the features that makes IaaS easy and flexible for all the ISC-PIF partners.

SaaS – Software as a service

HPC Solutions

IT Trainings

The JEDI Trainings ( in French “Journées d’entraînements pour les Docteurs et les Ingénieurs”) are thematical trainings on scientific tools : Gargantext, Multivac, OpenMole, R, etc.