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Telephone : 09 72 63 79 22

Email : first_name . last_name @ iscpif . fr

Director : David Chavalarias
Secretary-General : Valiérie Quiguer
Administrative assistant : Nathalie Tison
Gestion financière DIM : dim at (to be appointed)
Gargantext: Alexandre Delanoë
Formation JEDI et OpenMole: Mathieu Leclaire, Romain Reullion
Mutlivac : Maziyar Panahi
Science Communication : Margaux Calon
Logistics: Franck Leclercq

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Institut des Systèmes Complexes Paris Île-de-France
113 rue Nationale
75013, Paris
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Intercom : ‘isc-accueil’

Plan ISC-PIF Nationale

Meet the team

If you would like to meet ISC-PIF residents or staff for scientific purposes, we will be pleased to welcome you at our weekly “pot des résidents” every Thuesday at 2 p.m.

If you want to come, please fill the form below and wait for a confirmation mail by our staff (sometimes the pot des résidents is postponed or we have hollidays).

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