• David Chavalarias (CNRS/EHESS – ISC-PIF/CAMS), principal investigator
  • Alexandre Delanoë (CNRS/EHESS – ISC-PIF/CAMS), project manager
  • Simon Murail (CNRS, ISC-PIF), engineer
  • Watch your texts before they are eaten

Gargantext is a project of the ISC-PIF gathering several institutions and projects for the interactive exploration of large digital corpora. It is developped by the TINA Team.

This web service combines advanced text-mining, network analysis and interactive visualisation to provide new forms of interactions with your corpora. Do knowledge maps, science maps, write a state-of-the-art, etc. in few minutes.

Blue Jasmine release

Blue Jasmine, the third release of Gargantext has been released on Oct. 5 2016.

If you already have a Gargantext account, you will be able to map straightforward. If you don’t, members of ISC-PIF partners are welcome to ask for a free account (first suscribe to ISC-PIF services).

Feedback and bug report

Get some ideas about Gargantext ? Found some bugs ? You can send us your feedback here.


Supported by the DIM program