Multivac offers real-time data streaming, large-scale data processing and scalable Web services with the state-of-the-art technologies helping scientists in discovery and exploration

Started in January 2015,  Multivac aims to help scientific community to overcome issues and problems related to large-scale datasets. Our existing datasets are available in verity of structured, semi-structured and unstructured. There is also millions of data being streamed into Multivac Platform every day.

Therefore, big data architectures are designed and implemented to not only help our internal projects and team members, but also allow other scientists and researchers to take advantage of our amazing services in scale of billions of data.


Current members

Platforms and tools
  • Multivac Dashboards: Collection of scientific dashboards to explore and dive into billions of data.
  • Multivac API Engine: A platform that provides scalable and highly available set of REST APIs to give access to large-scale datasets.

Projects powered by Multivac Platform

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