Post-Doc – Socio-semantic networks reconstruction

Context :

The development of new types of socio-economic activities on digital media led to the constitution of huge electronic corpora that are one of the major components of the Big Data revolution in humanities and social sciences. Such corpora are both a reflection and, perhaps even more importantly, a crucial part of the ubiquitous processes of distributed knowledge creation constantly occuring in many contexts: scientific communities, patent and technologie networks, online collaborative platforms, blogs, wikis, etc. In parallel, we can witness an intense activity in mathematics and computer sciences toward Big Data analysis with the development of high performance computing and data processing platforms as well as new methods to perform text-mining or complex and multiplex networks analysis. The combination of these two major trends paves the way toward large scale analysis of large digital corpora, which bears on significant scientific challenges in several fields including linguistics, distributed processing, complex networks analysis and information visualization.

The EPIQUE project focuses on scientific corpora and aims at overcoming several challenges that remain on the way to a comparative analysis and quantitative understanding of sciences evolution as a whole. While part of the proposed researches will specifically take advantage of the structure and content of scientific documents (citations link, co-authorship, key words, significant expressions, etc.) most of them will be conducted so as to be as generic as possible, with applications far beyond science to other kinds of corpora such as those mentionned above (web, patents, newspapers, etc.).

The Post-Doc will be conducted under the supervision of David Chavalarias, at the Complex Systems Institute (113 rue Nationale, Paris 13)

Details :

Langue : français et anglais  (lu, écrit, parlé)

Type de contrat : CDD (contrat de droit public CNRS – selon diplôme et /ou expérience – grille accessible en ligne )

Durée du contrat : 24 months  – Temps plein/Full time

Démarrage : 1er janvier 2019

Rémunération : Selon la grille de salaire CNRS (fonction de l’expérience dans le domaine, niveau Post-Odc.

Application :

Send a cv and motivation letter to David Chavalarias( david.chavalarias [at] )

Desired Skills and Experience :

  • PhD in the domaine of data analytics, complex systems, complex networks, information visualisation.
  • Text and data mining
  • information visualisation
  • search engines

Programming skills

  • Python
  • haskell / scala
  • javascript / purescript
  • D3JS, sigmaJS