Hey! Get in touch if you have any queries, want to suggest a training or if you wish to become a JEDI workshop facilitator…

ISC-PIF is proposing two types of trainings :

  • JEDI trainings. Free, short training sessions, no certificate of completion delivered.
  • Trainings that are part of the “CNRS formation” program. Long training sessions, certificate of completion delivered.

JEDI Trainings

The JEDI Trainings ( in French : Journées d’Entrainement pour les Doctorants et les Ingénieurs) organized every thursday at the institute  are centered on scientific tools devised for doctoral students, engineers and all the partners of the Institute of Complex Systems of Paris.

The registration is free and open ( you can fill in the form available on the relevant page upon selecting the training you would like to attend).

These trainings are delivered by engineers who are pursuing research at ISC-PIF or other partner labs. These trainings are held thanks to the support of the DIM grants («Domaine d’intérêt Majeur»; «Major Research Area») on cross-cutting issues of complex systems.

Cancellation policy

The registration for JEDI trainings is free, however, the number of seats is limited.
Hence, we kindly ask our guests to make sure they can actually attend the training before registering. In case you need to cancel, please send us an email at formations at iscpif dot fr a week before the training so that your seat be appointed to someone else. Thanks!

23 Avril 2019  : Gargantext

CNRS Formation Entreprises

CNRS Formation Entreprises is a professional development program for external audiences (technicians, engineers and researchers) that offers 2-3 days top-notch technology trainings.

The ISC-PIF is proud to be part of this program and to share its knowledge and tools with a broad audience.

CNRS formation entreprises website