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PhD candidate in Economic History and History of Latin America. My research projects focus on global history, international financial history and social network analysis in historical research.

At ISC-PIF, I work as senior researcher for the D-FIH project (Données Financières Historiques). This project is developing a database which collects and organizes data on French financial markets. In particular, I supervise junior researchers in the operations of data mining and data validation in order to implement the database.

Senior Researcher, PhD candidate, Equipex DFIH - Paris School of Economics-PSE / Institut Louis Bachelier / EHESSelisa.grandi416 (at)
Boussaad TEKFA

Currently serving as a consultant for the D-FIH project run by the Equipex Team, I have developed a keen interest in pursuing research questions related to the financialisation of the Economy. My work falls within the scope of the “Future Investments” Project («Equipex D-FIH – Données Financières Historiques ») and consists in providing assistance and advising for creating a Database on the prices of shares quoted on the stock market.

Consultant, Research Assistant, Equipex DFIH - Paris School of Economics-PSE / Institut Louis Bachelier / ILBboussaadtek (at)
Stefano UNGARO

Stefano Ungaro is a PhD candidate in Economics at EHESS and the Paris School of Economics. He conducts research on money and capital French markets between 1870 and 1914. He has been part of the Equipex D-FIH team since 2011.

PhD candidate, Paris-Jourdan Sciences Economiques / Equipex D-FIH EHESSstefano.ungaro (at)

PhD candidate in financial history and financial economics, my research focuses on financial crisis transmission, especially during the interwar period. At ISC-PIF, I work as a senior researcher for the D-FIH project. I supervise data entry and quality checks for the D-FIH database, using my knowledge in financial markets and in the French stock exchange archives for the XXth century. I also ensure the communication between the IT team and the research assistants working for us.

Project Officer, Equipex D-FIH - Paris School of Economics-PSE / Institut Louis Bachelier raphael.hekimian (at)

I’m interested in Game theory as applied to a conceptual model of simulation of the International Monetary System operations.

Consultant, Financial Analyst, Equipex DFIH - Paris School of Economicsibnougtpe (at)
Fanny Bilonda MBAYA

As part of the D-FIH team, I have for main tasks to assist the team in data collection and entry, verification, consistency checking and processing data anomalies for Economic and financial analysis.

Research Assistant, Equipex D-FIH / Institut Louis Bachelierfanny.mbaya (at)
Laetitia GLASSER

After having graduated from the University of Montreal, I’m now pursuing my studies in Development Economics. I’m currently working as a consultant for the D-FIH Project “Données Financières Historiques”.

Consultant, Equipex D-FIH - Paris School of Economicsl.glasser (at)



My scientific contributions are centered on mathematical definition of concepts, design of algorithms and their implementation in the field of control theory particularly in viability theory. I have a particular interest in the mathematical formalization of concepts such as resilience and sustainable development.

Researcher, LISC - Complex Systems Engineering Laboratory / IRSTEAsophie.martin (at)
Charline SMADI

I am a researcher interested in Probability Theory applied to Ecology and Evolution. I joined IRSTEA in 2015. During the year 2015, I was an academic visiting the Department of Statistics at the University of Oxford. I defended my PhD thesis in the beginning of 2015. My supervisors were Sylvie Méléard (Ecole Polytechnique) and Jean-François Delmas (Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées). I am an Ingénieur des Ponts, des Eaux et de Forêts, and a former undergraduate student of  the Ecole Polytechnique.

Research interests: branching processes, random environment, eco-evolution, varying size population models, selective sweeps, clonal interference.
Key words: #probabilities #ecology #evolution
IRSTEAcharline.smadi (at)
Isabelle ALVAREZ
Researcher, LISC (IRSTEA) and LIP6 (Paris VI University) isabelle.alvarez (at)



My current research activity is related to the integration of the large multi-source and multi-scale brain data. This work concerns the multimodal MRI image processing, its integration with experimental data in genetics and the large bibliographic metadata databases. This work inferred a new model that integrates different types of images in a functional model of information processing by the brain, as well as to a platform “” which allows researchers and clinicians to easily connect different types of images and extract new relation graphs.

Equipex Matrice - Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonnesalma.mesmoudi (at)

Projets individuels


After receiving a training in Civil Engineering and majoring in Computer Science (UV), I worked 1.4 years as  an engineer on a contract basis at CNRS, and more specifically as a frontend developer in projects related to bipartite graphs visualization.

My thesis is currently focused on temporal analysis of scientific-collaboration networks, (expressed as sets of agents and keywords) from massive datasets like Web of Science, Pubmed or ISTex.

#K-PartiteGraphs #Socio-SemanticNetworks #ScienceMaps

PhD student, UPMC/CNRS, LIP6 / ISC-PIFsamuel.castillo (at)
Giulia CARRA

Giulia Carra is a former student of the École Normale Supérieure of Paris and of the University of Rome La Sapienza. She is currently pursuing her PhD at the Institute of Theoretical Physics in Saclay under the supervision of Marc Barthelemy. She focuses on data analysis and modeling of urban systems.

#statistical physics #urban systems #data analysis

Institut de Physique Théorique, CEA / CNRS-URA 2306giulia.carra (at)
Fabienne CAZALIS

MACA is a research programme on Autistic cognition, with optimal cognition as its conceptual tool. Its main objectives are to map general cognitive and perceptive abilities of autistic individuals and to propose a taxonomy of autism that would integrate peaks of intellectual abilities. MACA is developed around three major research axes: (i) video games, (ii) Asperger Syndrome for women (iii) the uses of the OMNI (

Key words: Experimental Psychology, Gamification, Cognition, Autism

Researcher, Centre d’Analyse et de Mathématique Sociales (CAMS, unité mixte EHESS – CNRS; UMR 8557)fabienne.cazalis (at)

Computer science researcher working on Politoscope. I study the structure of networks such as the Twitter network for the Politoscope project. The main objective is to detect communities of political activists on Twitter but also, and above all, to track their evolution through time. This allows citizens and journalists to better understand the political organization existing on Twitter. To this end, I use and create graph analysis tools.

Key words: Graph, Community Detection, Temporal Network.

PostDoc - CAMS/EHESSnoe.gaumont (at)

Under a public policy scheme of the Corps d’Etat des IPEF, my work focuses on devising and developing a method of “sentiment analysis” that consists of a qualitative tracking as well as a linguistic processing of tweets (positive, negative, unbiased). As a primary field of application, I work on the Climate Tweetoscope in order to quantify and measure the success and dissemination of climatosceptic ideas.

Corps des IPEFloucaspillaudvivien (at)