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Modelling T cell proliferation: Dynamics heterogeneity

We assess the impact of genetics and aging on immune system dynamics by investigating the dynamics of proliferation of T lymphocytes across their differentiation through thymus and spleen in mice. Understanding cell proliferation dynamics requires specific experimental methods and mathematical modelling. Our investigation is based upon single-cell multicolour flow cytometry analysis thereby revealing the active incorporation in DNA of a thymidine analogue during S phase after pulse-chase experiments in vivo, versus cell DNA content

Emergence and complex systems: The contribution of dynamic graph theory

Emergence and complex systems have been the topic of many papers and are still disputed concepts in many fields. This lack of consensus hinders the use of these concepts in practice, particularly in modelling. All definitions of emergence imply the existence of a hierarchical system: a system that can be observed, measured and analysed at both macroscopic and microscopic levels. We argue that such systems are well described by mathematical graphs and, using graph theory, we propose an ontology of dynamic hierarchical systems capable of displaying emergence.

CALL FOR PAPERS - GSI’17 « Geometric Science of Information »

November 7th to 9th, Paris - France Following the success of…

Urban dynamics and simulation models

The team of the ERC Grant GeoDiverCity is pleased to announce the publication of the book "Urban dynamics and simulation models" coordinated by Denise Pumain and Romain Reuillon.

Mediterranean School of Complex Networks : call for applications

We are calling for applications from students and young researchers…

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