Lin Kaiyuan

University Of Tokyo

Kaiyuan Lin has expertise in human computer interaction. He is currently a PhD student in The University of Tokyo, Japan and accosiate researcher in ISC-PIF. His research is about traceability and related food supply chain issues. He works as an engineer and designer, focus on socio-ecological approach of demands and supplies in agricultural field. He believes that decentralized protocol and system can contribute to advance researches in complex system of food and agriculture, moreover, to redesign and reform the conventional system and market.

The project : L’Alimentation

Sustainable, Complex and Decentralized Supply Networks

Traceability is key to ensure food quality and safety from farm to fork, yet high implementation costs and the complexity of the food supply chain pose challenges to its operationalization. This research proposes a mobile-based bi-directional tracing system for food products that integrates graphic database and pear-to-pear (P2P) architecture.

The system allows for data synchronization to happen seamlessly between all connected nodes by default, since data is gathered through market transactions and all related information of products is concatenated via scanning products’ 2D barcodes. The system’s decentralized and flexible structure favors bottom-up synergy among stakeholders and is applicable to various and dynamic food networks. This network can reduce the information disconnect seen in conventional traceability systems while facilitating product management and enhancing product value along the food supply chain. In response to the increasing demand for supply chain transparency, the proposed system could become an efficient traceability tool accessible by consumers and producers. Ensuring traceability ultimately means giving people back their rights to product information. Besides promoting resource efficiency and transparency of origin, production and distribution, the system can mesh surveillance and shed light on complex food networks, ultimately contributing to the advancement of food research.

The project is working on the matching platform for demands and supplies. If you are interested in decentralization in food production, we welcome any question, opinion and discussion, please contact us.


Lin, K., Chavalarias, D., Panahi, M. et al. Mobile-based traceability system for sustainable food supply networks. Nat Food (2020).




1. CNRS ISC-PIF 113, rue Nationale 75013, Paris
2. Graduated School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, The University of Tokyo, 1-1-1, Yayoi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113-8657