Science incubator residencies

ISC-PIF offers short-term residencies (between one week and <6 months) for individual researchers and research groups affiliated to one of our partner institutions and willing to benefit from the stimulating environment of the institute.


Residents have access to all of our services, they benefit from our engineers assistance and they are fully integrated to the life of the institute.

Seminars, internal events, and our famous weekly “residents tea time” are some of the many occasions they get to interact with researchers working in different field, from computing to physics through history, mathematics, economy…

Who can apply

  • Individual researchers affiliated to a lab hosted by one of our partner institutions.
  • Research groups affiliated to a lab hosted by one of our partner institutions.
  • Scholars who are not affiliated to one of our partner institutions with project linked to complex systems may also apply for a residency.
  • Researchers from partner institution may propose residencies for international visitors/research engineers, post-docs, students.

Application process

If you have an account on ISC-PIF website, we recommend to first log-in before filling this form.

To be selected, the research projects must explore the themes, “main questions” and “main objects”, defined by the complex system research community in the French roadmap for complex systems.

Your application will be submitted to the next ISC-PIF steering committee and you will receive and email notification about the resulting consultation. If you do not receive any feedback 7 days after online submission, please get in touch with contact at iscpif dot fr.

bertrand dot daly at iscpif dot fr

Hello! If you have any question about project hosting and residencies, please get in touch! I’d be glad to help!

bertrand dot daly at iscpif dot frBertrand Daly