Call for Participation - Complexity and the City

The 13th SICC international tutorial workshop "Topics in Nonlinear Dynamics" will be held at the  Politecnico di Torino, 29-30 October 2018. This year, the focus is on  the fascinating theme of "Complexity and the city".

Call for Papers : New methods and epistemologies to explore simulation models

The study of complexity can not be anymore dissociated from intensive computational practices. Modeling and simulation have indeed taken a crucial role in the extraction of knowledge, especially in the study of systems with a high complexity such as socio-technical systems. Quantitative geography is a perfect illustration of how methodological, technical, empirical and theoretical advances necessarily strongly bind together: the use of computation centers in the seventies would be comparable to the current democrati- zation of grid computing which impact dramatically changes the way social science is practiced. The aim of this symposium is take a reflexive positioning on these trends, situate them regarding similar practices, and establish the most crucial future issues to be tackled within that stream of research.